As a working smallholding we aim to be as self sufficient as possible, producing our own eggs, pork, lamb, honey and vegetables.

We sell our produce from the farm gate and what we have available varies with the seasons so it’s best to contact us before you come down.

Price List


  • Chicken, duck and goose eggs, available from our ‘Piano Bar’ honesty box:
  • Box of 6 chicken eggs £1.50
  • Box of 6 duck eggs £2.00
  • Goose eggs £1.50 per egg (usually available in Spring)


Pork from our Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, available from our deepfreeze

Lamb from our Hebridean sheep, available from our deepfreeze

Pork Range includes:

  • Shoulder steak £15.95/kg
  • Joint/gigot £15.40/kg
  • Smoked hocks £5 each
  • Sausages  £11/kg
  • Crackling £5 per double pack

Lamb Range includes:

  • Leg of lamb £16.38/kg
  • Double loin chops £16.25/kg
  • Rolled shoulder £15.30/kg
  • Lamb shank £10.98/kg  
  • Leg steaks £19.50/kg

We have a food business licence in order to sell our meat products


  • Blossom honey, 1lb jar £8; ½lb jar £5

Fruit and vegetables

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables when available

Pickles and Jam

  • Made from Eco Indigo produce